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To Cook a Continent: book review

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

Instead of asking the question what can be done about or for Africa, Nnimmo Bassey asks a much more pertinent question: what is being done to Africa and how should …

Durban and Rio: from one smokescreen to the next

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

At EJOLT we study and map cases of environmental injustice in a range of themes but the overall purpose is the same everywhere: showing that the case is part of …

Thyssen-Krup Steel Company tries to silence EJOLT partner with a slapp suit

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

Researchers from EJOLT partner Fiocruz are being sued for evaluating impacts caused by ThyssenKrupp Atlantic Steel Company in Santa Cruz, Brazil. Please sign this declaration of support, send an email with your …

It’s paytime for Chevron’s ecological debt in Ecuador

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

On 3 January 2012, an appellate court in Ecuador confirmed an earlier lower court decision that found Chevron-Texaco guilty of a wide range of damages linked to their former oil …

Rio Tinto: neglecting environmental justice and facing up the courts

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

In 1969, during Australian administration of the Bougainville island as a UN Trust Territory, Conzinc Rio Tinto Australia (CRA) opened a large copper and gold mine with forced community evictions. …