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Champions of De-Growth Offer Alternatives to Destructive ‘Extractivism’

Posted by Nick on

EJOLTs’ coordinator – Joan Martinez Alier – was a keynote speaker in the recently held third international degrowth conference, in Venice. He spoke about the links between degrowth and environmental …

The Toxic Truth about Trafigura and the total lack of environmental justice

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. The story of Trafigura in Abidjan is well on its way to the darker side of the history books, somewhere alongside Union Carbide in Bhopal, Shell in Nigeria …

Policy recommendations on shipbreaking – now in use in Basel

Posted by Nick on

Our second 2-page briefing paper with policy recommendations – this time on shipbreaking – has just been published in our resource library. As we speak, it is being used in …

Unilever and how to greenwash tropical devastations

Posted by Nick on

By Peter Gerhardt. Baby food scandals in Africa, tropical forest destruction for candy bars: There are companies like Nestle that attract scandals like light the flies. On the other hand …

Talisman Energy Withdraws from Peruvian Amazon – Achuar people celebrate a major victory for indigenous rights

Posted by Nick on

We like to share with you a press release from Amazon Watch with yet again some good news for environmental justice. To understand this latest good news arising from the …

Victory in Lawsuit Appealon Rawa Tripa : A Jurisprudence for Environmental Law Enforcement in Indonesia

Posted by Nick on

We received some good news from Indonesia, in relation to the industrial tree plantations report and briefing we recently published. The press release below raises hope for environmental justice brought …

Policy recommendations on industrial tree plantations

Posted by Nick on

As a spin-off from an EJOLT report, we published a 2 page briefing paper on industrial tree plantations that sums up the core problem of the issue, some key policy …

Narmada valley (INDIA): After two weeks standing in the water the government reduces water level

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen Hundreds of villagers from 60 affected villages in central India standing for weeks in the rising waters of a reservoir – to protest their displacement – had some …

VACANCY: Research Student for EJOLT project

Posted by Nick on

EJOLT is currently hiring a research student for a one year contract, extendable to 2 years to provide support for the Mapping of Ecological Conflicts. The student will have to …

The Economic and Environmental Costs of Sable Chemicals

Posted by Nick on

By Farai Maguwu With the biggest consumer of electricity in Zimbabwe entering the carbon market – a fertilizer manufacturing plant – questions are raised about the implications for the climate, for …

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