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Greek police chase demonstrators for seven kilometers, beating them up.

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. On October 21, more than 2500 people gathered in Halkidiki to protest against gold mining in the region by a subsidiary of the Canadian company El Dorado. Like …

In South Africa, the poor pay the electricity bill of the world’s largest mining company

Posted by Nick on

EJOLT collaborator Professor Patrick Bond recently published an article linking secret deals for almost free electricty for a mining giant with the explosion of electricity costs for ordinary users and …

Mining activists killed in Mexico

Posted by Nick on

The double assassination on October 22, 2012 of the leader of Barzon movement, Ismael Solorio Urrutia, and of his wife Manuela Martha Solis Contreras is causing outrage in the Chihuahuan …

Vedanta’s Assault on the Mountain of Law

Posted by Nick on

Felix Padel, an expert on mining conflicts in Odisha (India), has written a second blog for EJOLT – this time detailing the miscalculations of J.P Morgan in India.   When Sterlite Industries set …

Death of a Waterfall? Posco’s designs on Khandadhara

Posted by Nick on

Felix Padel, an expert on mining conflicts in Odisha (India), has written a blog for EJOLT giving more details on the struggles of indigenous communities in East-India against the plans of …

Don’t frack the Basque Country! (conflicts around gas extraction by fracking)

Posted by Nick on

By Leire Urkidi. Leave the gas under the grass or in Basque: Utzi bakean, ta gasa lurrean! The plans started in 2006 but it was not until October 2011 when the president …

The rise of a new extractivism and the plea for degrowth

Posted by Nick on

By Giorgos Kallis. We thought that the “commodity frontiers”, the new mines that we dig on earth to take out the oil, gold, uranium or copper that feeds our consumer …

Canada should rein in its criminal mining companies

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen and Leah Temper.  At the end of 2010, a woman from Guatemala sued a Canadian mining giant in Toronto, asking 12 million $ for the killing of her …

“Blood diamond” regulation system broken – but where to look for blame?

Posted by Nick on

By Khadija Sharife and Nick Meynen.  Ever since the international approval of Zimbabwean diamonds for export, the international regulatory system to prevent ‘blood diamonds’ from entering the market is broken. By …

Verdict Expected in Court Case on Oil Giant Shell’s Nigerian Oil Pollution

Posted by Nick on

EJOLT partner Nnimmo Bassey from ERA has send us a press release from Friends of the Earth Netherlands in relation to the decades of oil pollution in his native country …

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