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PODCAST: David VanWyk on platinum mining 1

Posted by Nick on

The Marikana Massacre in South Africa was followed by wide spread mining unrest, which is seen as a sign of a deeper crisis. David VanWyk does research for the Bench …

Open letter: To really address climate change UNFCCC-COP18 should decide to leave under the soil more than 2/3 of the fossil reserves

Posted by Nick on

By Bill McKibben, Nnimmo Bassey & Pablo Solon. 2012 saw the shocking melt of the Arctic, leading our greatest climatologist to declare a ‘planetary emergency,’ and it saw weather patterns wreck harvests …

Natural Water Body threatened by large mining company

Posted by Nick on

By Franz Fuls. Some eight kilometres East-Northeast of Delmas (South Africa), the Weltevreden pan is home to a myriad of water birds. But today, neither birds nor farmers who use the …

High speed train in Italy. The end of the tunnel?

Posted by Nick on

By Lucie Greyl. It will be almost 20 years since an entire Italian alpine valley started to resist against the development of a new high-speed train line between Lyon and Turin, …

NEW EJOLT REPORT: Mining from an environmental justice perspective

Posted by Nick on

While world population increased 72 percent between 1970 and 2004, extraction of construction materials grew by 106 percent. The total consumption and extraction increased for practically all mineral resources – …

Keaton Energy’s forced relocations in South Africa, apartheid style

Posted by Nick on

By Franz Fuls. “Like others, I also want to live with dignity” says Moses Mabela, an unemployed resident of Vanggatfontein, Delmas (South Africa). But that was apparently not included in the …


Posted by Nick on

Professor Jennifer Clapp (Waterloo University, Canada) is the external evaluator of the EJOLT project. She has recently finished the Evaluation Report for the first 18 months (April 2011 – September 2012). We publish …

Liberia: Uncertain futures. The impacts of Sime Darby on communities

Posted by Nick on

By Silas Kpanan’Ayoung Siakor. Liberia, a small West African country with a population of approximately 3.5 million people, has a predominantly agrarian economy, with high dependency on land and land based …

Environmental risk, health and justice: the protagonism of affected populations in the production of knowledge

Posted by Nick on

EJOLT collaborators Marcelo Firpo and Renan Finamore recently published an article entitled “Environmental risk, health and justice: the protagonism of affected populations in the production of knowledge” in a prestigious …

South African political economy after Marikana

Posted by Nick on

EJOLT collaborator Professor Patrick Bond explains the background to the shootings in Marikana where 34 mine workers were shot dead by the police on August 16 and another 270 were …

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