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Is Umicore really the most sustainable company in the world?

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen UMICORE is elected as the ‘most sustainable company in the world’. A Canadian magazine that claims to defend ‘clean capitalism’ has put the Belgian company at number 1 …

Dutch Court Rules Against Shell for damages in Nigeria

Posted by Nick on

The ruling by a Dutch court on January 30, 2013 holding Shell responsible for the pollution of farmlands at Ikot Ada Udo (Nigeria) is a step towards environmental justice. However, …

Madagascar: Local protests against Rio Tinto

Posted by Nick on

By Vahinala Douguet1 When protestors kept 200 workers from Rio Tinto hostage in their own mining site, including the boss of Rio Tinto in Madagascar, a mining conflict reached its boiling …

Local referendums on mining: the Kañaris in Peru

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier. Latin America has turned to local referendums in mining conflicts. The precursors include Tambogrande in northern Peru, and Esquel in Patagonia in Argentina a little over ten …

Carbon markets: the sound of air escaping

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. Carbon markets do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions, have worked as a subsidy system for polluters, increase social and environmental conflicts, are a playground for fraudulent networks and …

Ejolt partner Accion Ecologica wins Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen Prize

Posted by Nick on

By: Vaaruni Eashwar (TERI)/New Delhi, India, December 2012 Indian think tank The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) recently announced the winners of the first-ever Georgescu-Roegen Awards for ‘Unconventional Thinking’ and ‘Bioeconomic …

GMO potato fight sparks hot debate in Belgium

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen.  On May 29, 2011, some 400 mothers with children, biological farmers, environmentalists and scientists gathered around a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) potato field. In a symbolic and announced public …

The CDM in Africa Cannot Deliver the Money

Posted by Nick on

As EU carbon emissions permits drop to a record low price of under 6 euros a ton with no hope of recovery, many wonder why EU policymakers are trying to …

Idle no More! Tar Sands no More! Harper no More!

Posted by Nick on

by Leah Temper. The Harper government almost got away with it… The Conservative government in Canada, in power since 2006, has done everything to clear the way for further development of the …

STEFANIA BARCA: The Environment and the Working Class

Posted by Nick on

“Environmentalism is a luxury hobby for affluent people with jobs”. That’s a pretty common statement you’ll find in North and South alike. Too often, the struggle for environmental justice has …

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