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Environmental court cases in North America

Posted by Nick on

By Marta Conde.  In Canada and the US, where environmental laws are quite stringent, many battles to stop mining and dumping of waste take place in court. Two recent examples show …

BRICS meet for the scramble of Africa (the sequel)

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. When in 2001 the term BRIC was coined to group emerging economies Brazil, Russia, India and China – nobody saw them as a block challenging the likes …

ERA: Twenty years of fighting environmental crimes

Posted by Nick on

by Nnimmo Bassey, Executive Director, ERA/FoEN (1993-2013). Nnimmo speaks at an event to mark the 20th Anniversary or EJOLT partner ERA. This is his speech: It gives me great pleasure to welcome …

Rio Tinto in Madagascar: 15 activists arrested

Posted by Nick on

Those dispossessed of their land by the Rio Tinto/QMM mining project in Taolagnaro (southeastern Madagascar) are asking for a fair compensation since 2010. Perle Zafinandro Fourquet and her friends created …

EJOLT transmits a message from deep down the Niger delta

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier In the EJOLT trip to the Niger Delta in March 2013, we  have visited the communities of Goi and Bodo (in Ogoni territory), both badly damaged by oil …

Rafael Correa, Marx and extractivism

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier. President Rafael Correa of Ecuador asks when and where Marx criticizes mega-mining. In various interviews, Correa, the mouthpiece of mega-mining and the expansion of oil exploitation, has …

Victory for waste pickers

Posted by Nick on

By Federico DemariaIn a landmark victory and possible precedent for waste pickers around the world, waste pickers in Bogota (Colombia) obtain official recognition and payment by the municipality for their …

Apiculture vs. Transgenic-soybean in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Posted by Nick on

With Monsanto stepping up its genetically modified (GM) soybean program in Mexico, the conflict with honey-producers is escalating. If you dig a little deeper in this conflict, you’ll find that …

Resistance to nuclear energy is spreading in India

Posted by Nick on

Unfortunately and despite the Fukushima accident, India does not seem to step back with its aggressive policy of nuclear energy expansion. EJOLT reported on the resistance in Kudankulam and now …

Nuclear Religion: the Story of a Referendum

Posted by Nick on

By Todor Todorov and Todor Slavov. The history of a referendum on nuclear energy in Bulgaria tells a broader story on campaigning in a complex environment Chronology of the absurd: capitalism in …

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