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Julio Prieto on the epic battle between Ecuador & Chevron

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By Nick Meynen. ‘We’re in front of the International Criminal Court now! We’re just about to get in. I’ll let you know when it’s done’. He hung up, went in …

Complaint against CEO of Chevron submitted to ICC

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By Nick Meynen. BREAKING NEWS: Julio Prieto, lawyer for 30.000 Ecuadorian victims of Texaco’s environmental liabilities in the Amazon, just filed a complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The …

When to count the damage? Economic tools for evaluating liabilities in environmental justice struggles

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[BRUSSELS, 20 October 2014] MEDIA RELEASE. The health and environmental implications of fossil fuel exploitation, nuclear waste or mining-related pollution are some of the more well-known effects of the increasing energy …

Designed to fail … and the solutions

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By Nick Meynen. While violent conflicts over rare metals used in our phones and laptops continue and e-waste keeps piling up, engineers break their heads over new ways to ensure that …

Walls and the Tiger

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By Sushma Kallam and Nick Meynen When a traditional rural community in Southeast India is shattered by so-called “development”, pushing farmers to suicide, all hope seems lost. But determined to save …

End Ecocide on Earth

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By Nick Meynen. Around 100 scientists, lawmakers, jurists and activists gathered in Brussels on 13 October 2014 for an End Ecocide on Earth conference. Eco-cide derives from the Greek “oikos” …

The Ecuador vs Chevron lawsuit goes to a climax in Canada

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UPDATE on 17 October 2014: The CBA drops plans to intervene at the Supreme court! POSTED on 9 October 2014: EJOLT has learned that the Canadian Bar Association plans to …

The Global Frackdown day 2014

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The Global Frackdown is an international day of action initiated by Food & Water Watch to ban fracking —a risky technique that uses millions of gallons of water, sand and …