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A legal guide for communities seeking environmental justice

Posted by Nick on

How can Environmental Justice Organisations (EJOs), local communities or citizens make justice happen? What are the rules, tools and opportunities to fight back against environmental injustice? The report “A legal …

Unveiling uranium and nuclear power myths

Posted by Nick on

[BRUSSELS 19 November 2014] Two new reports expose the various myths used to hide the real impacts of uranium mining and to push for a nuclear renaissance in Europe. An international …

Economic systems and environmental justice

Posted by Nick on

By Martin Söderberg. Achieving Environmental Justice: a cross-national analysis (Policy Press, Bristol, 2014) is a new book by Karen Bell about the transition to a sustainable society. It contains case studies …

No waste incineration in cement kilns

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martínez Alier. Mariel Vilella reports on November 14, 2014 that “last weekend we gathered in Barletta, Italy, to put waste incineration in cement kilns on the spot once more. It was …

Fighting Environmental Crime

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen. Over 60 experts working in the field of fighting environmental crimes gathered in Brussels on 3 November for a dialogue with policymakers, police and prosecutors from Europe and …

We need a more just world to prevent catastrophic climate change

Posted by Nick on

By Maruška Mileta (Young Friends of the Earth Europe), contributions by the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice. A four day gathering of civil society and social movements (Social Pre-COP) on …

“No resistance can win without an alternative vision.” Ashish Kothari on India’s activist agenda

Posted by Nick on

By Daniela del Bene. Next in our series of interviews is Ashish Kothari, co-founder and member of Kalpavriksh, catalyst of the network Vikalp Sangam, and co-author with Aseem Srivastava of the …

India’s National Alliance of People’s Movement: 20 years of struggle

Posted by Nick on

By Daniela del Bene. From 31st October to the 2nd of November, nearly 1000 delegates of 250 plus social movements and community organisations from 17 States of India gathered in Pune, …

Some hope from the Pope

Posted by Nick on

Pope Francis recently spoke on the rights of the poor and the need for environmental protection, saying he’s not preaching communism but the Gospel. Francis’ remarks to the World Meeting …