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New article: ‘We are the oceans, we are the people!’: fisher people’s struggles for blue justice

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

By Irmak Ertör Available at the Journal of Peasant Studies In the EJAtlas, as a whole, by November 2021 there are 134 cases of conflicts around the world on Fish and/or Shrimp …

Environmental justice and corporate social irresponsibility: the case of the mining company Vale S.A.

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

By Beatriz Macchione Saes, Daniela Del Bene, Raquel Neyra, Lucrecia Wagner and Joan Martínez-Alier. Available to read here. OR Abstract After the Vale’s tailings dam failure in Brumadinho (Minas Gerais) in …

Counter-reporting Sustainability from the Bottom up: the Case of the Construction Company WeBuild and Dam-related Conflicts

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

By Antonio Bontempi, Daniela Del Bene & Louisa Jane Di Felice.  Available at the Journal of Business Ethics (2021) Abstract Controversies around large-scale development projects offer many cases and insights which may be analyzed through the lenses …

Extractivist growth and alternatives from below: Why we can’t mine our way out of the climate crisis.

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

The recorded event session is available now here. On Sunday 7 November 2021 we were part of this event that the Yes to Life, No to Mining Network and allies brought …