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NEW: “The role of working-class communities and the slow violence of toxic pollution in environmental health conflicts: A global perspective”

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

By Grettel Navas, Giacomo D’Alisa and Joan Martínez-Alier Available here or at Abstract Analysing a sample of 3,033 environmental conflicts around the globe, we compared conflicts reporting no human health impacts to …

New Research Article:”(Counter)mapping renewables: Space, justice, and politics of wind and solar power in Mexico”

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

By Sofia Avila, Yannick Deniau, Alevgul H. Sorman and James McCarthy. Find the full Research Article here: Abstract The ongoing expansion of renewable energies entails major spatial reconfigurations with social, environmental, and political dimensions. These …