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Gendered geographies of violence: a multiple case study analysis of murdered women environmental defenders

Posted by Diego Marin on

By Dalena Le Tran, Joan Martinez-Alier, Grettel Navas, Sara MingorriaAbstractThis study illustrates how, despite the diversity of women environmental defenders and their movements around the world, there are near-universal patterns …

Seven main collective articles from the EJAtlas & EnvJustice project

Posted by Diego Marin on

1) Mapping the frontiers and front lines of global environmental justice: the EJAtlas, by L Temper, D Del Bene, J Martinez-Alier. 2015. Journal of Political Ecology 22 (1), 255-278. Is …

Movements shaping climate futures: A systematic mapping of protests against fossil fuel and low-carbon energy projects

Posted by Diego Marin on

By Leah Temper, Sofia Avila, Daniela Del Bene, Jennifer Gobby, Nicolas Kosoy, Philippe Le Billon, Joan Martinez-Alier, Patricia Perkins, Brototi Roy, Arnim Scheidel and Mariana WalterAbstractIn this article we undertake a systematic mapping …

Iron ore peripheries in the extractive boom: A comparison between mining conflicts in India and Brazil

Posted by Nick on

By Beatriz Macchione Saes and Arpita BishtAbstractThe emerging economies of India and Brazil experienced a strong increase in iron ore extraction during the late commodities boom. Despite similar extraction trends, these economies followed …

Talk renewables, walk coal: The paradox of India’s energy transition

Posted by Diego Marin on

By Brototi Roy and Anke Schaffartzik (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)AbstractCoal is on the rise in India: despite the devasting impacts of the climate crisis, the awareness for land and forest …

NEW Thematic Map – Losing ground: How are India’s conservation efforts putting the local communities in peril?

Posted by Diego Marin on

By Eleonora Fanari. Biodiversity around the world is decreasing at an alarming rate. We are currently facing a ‘sixth mass extinction’ and governments and international bodies are planning to take action. The …

Joan Martinez-Alier wins Balzan Prize

Posted by Nick on

The International Balzan Foundation based in Milan, Italy awarded Joan Martinez Alier, the 2020 Balzan Prize for Environmental Challenges: Responses from the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Joan Martinez Alier received this award, …

MIREU Backfires

Posted by Diego Marin on

By Joan Martinez Alier.To promote mining, European official rhetoric uses phrases such as “A Social License to Operate (SLO) is crucial for the industry; this concept could be widened towards …

Our most recent study gets Canadian media spotlight

Posted by Nick on

The paper ‘Environmental conflicts and defenders: A global overview’ was featured in a report on the Aboriginal People’s Television News. Leah Temper, one of the paper’s authors, was interviewed to discuss the violence that …

Environmental conflicts and defenders: a global view

Posted by Nick on

By Arnim Scheidel, Daniela Del Bene, Juan Liu, Grettel Navas, Sara Mingorría,  Federico Demaria, Sofía Avila, Brototi Roy, Irmak Ertör, Leah Temper, Joan Martinez-Alier.A new article by the EnvJustice team at ICTA-UAB, based on …

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