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Swedish firm exported toxic waste to Chile

Posted by Nick on

By Rodrigo Pino Vargas. The tide is turning against the global toxic waste trade, as an appeal court in Sweden considers the plight of nearly 12,000 victims.The Swedish mining conglomerate …

Brazilian dam disaster ‘is part of a pattern’

Posted by Nick on

By Beatriz Saes, Daniela Del Bene, Sara Mingorría, Yannick Deniau, Raquel Neyra, Max Stoisser, Lucrecia Wagner, Grettel Navas and Nick Meynen. A team of Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) academics is marking …

EJAtlas reaches 2.700 cases and includes the Brumadinho’s foretold tragedy

Posted by Nick on

The Environmental Justice Atlas ( of ICTA-UAB has reached 2.700 cases in January 2019. One of the most moving and cruel ones, perhaps a crucial conflict case for Latin America, …


Posted by Nick on

A PhD on carbon budget and unburnable fossil fuels reserves.If carbon capture technology does not prove effective and the needed rapid decarbonisation implies that fossil fuels reserves have to be …

Media on the Atlas of Environmental Justice

Posted by Nick on

135 media mentions in 27 countries with a combined reach of over 70 million. That, in sum, is the media attention for the Atlas of Environmental Justice in the first …

Jade is anything but green

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen.Ancient Asian art gave jade gemstones a cult status. But today, nothing in the extraction of jade is even remotely morally correct or justifiable.Jade is the diamond of …

2019 Environmental Justice Conference in the UK

Posted by Nick on

The University of East Anglia invites you to the 2019 Environmental Justice Conference ‘Transformative Connections’ to be held at University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, 2 July – 4 July 2019. The conference is …

Colombia: is democracy the price for peace?

Posted by Nick on

By Evi Declercq. Local referenda swept Colombia after one village succeeded in using them to stop a massive mine. Until the Colombian constitutional court took their power away.A small community in Colombia …

Fish farming at industrial scale: a Turkish case study

Posted by Nick on

By Irmak Ertör. One of the world’s fastest-growing food production industries, aquaculture, is harming the marine environment and people’s lives with intensive fish farms. Fish farming was promoted to contribute …

The toxic trade of obsolete ships

Posted by Nick on

By Nicola Mulinaris and EnvJustice.When ships reach the end of their operational life they are taken apart to recover the steel. Recycling valuable materials makes economic and environmental sense, as …

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