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Are you interested in a research internship with us?

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Across the world communities are struggling to defend their land, air, water, forests and their livelihoods from damaging projects and extractive activities with heavy environmental and social impacts: mining, dams, …

Registration now open for Master in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Env. Justice

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We are pleased to inform you that the inscription process for the master in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice is now OPEN. You can find more information about the …

Prof. Joan Martinez-Alier wins the First Bina Agarwal Prize for Ecological Economics

Posted by Nick on

The international 2019 Bina Agarwal Prize has been attributed to EnvJustice coordinator Professor Joan Martinez-Alier for his contribution on ecological economics as well as practical work on environmental justice, including …

Dam violence against environmental defenders

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By Daniela del Bene.“Large hydro is a very big part of the solution. I fundamentally believe we have to be involved,” Rachel Kyte of the World Bank has stated. Big dams are …

Save the date: Stay Grounded Conference 12-14th of July 2019 in Barcelona

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By Katharina Wiese. The aviation industry is the most climate-harming mode of transport. The total global warming impact of each flight is thought to be around twice as high as only …

Indigenous Indian people face forest eviction

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By Nick Meynen and Eleonora Fanari. There’s a global outcry as India’s Supreme Court evicts over a million vulnerable people from forest under the guise of protecting wildlife.The Bengal tiger has …

Swedish firm exported toxic waste to Chile

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By Rodrigo Pino Vargas. The tide is turning against the global toxic waste trade, as an appeal court in Sweden considers the plight of nearly 12,000 victims.The Swedish mining conglomerate …

Brazilian dam disaster ‘is part of a pattern’

Posted by Nick on

By Beatriz Saes, Daniela Del Bene, Sara Mingorría, Yannick Deniau, Raquel Neyra, Max Stoisser, Lucrecia Wagner, Grettel Navas and Nick Meynen. A team of Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) academics is marking …

EJAtlas reaches 2.700 cases and includes the Brumadinho’s foretold tragedy

Posted by Nick on

The Environmental Justice Atlas ( of ICTA-UAB has reached 2.700 cases in January 2019. One of the most moving and cruel ones, perhaps a crucial conflict case for Latin America, …


Posted by Nick on

A PhD on carbon budget and unburnable fossil fuels reserves.If carbon capture technology does not prove effective and the needed rapid decarbonisation implies that fossil fuels reserves have to be …

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