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Nature Kenya Campaign Saves Dakatcha Woodlands and Puts Jatropha in the dock

Posted by Nick on

By Leah Temper A campaign by EJOLT Partner Nature Kenya and other EJOs has saved the Dakatcha Woodland Important Bird Area (IBA) from destruction from biofuel crops after Kenya’s National Environmental …

EJOLT Report 5: Issues in the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity

Posted by Nick on

The Nagoya Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biodiversity in October 2010 had the economics of biodiversity as one of its core topics. Some weeks before the meeting, …

NEW: EJOLT movie on ‘Yasuni, good living’

Posted by Nick on

Yasuni, good living is a video documentary made by Arturo Hortas for EJOLT. This film shows through different lenses the origins and development of the idea of “leaving oil in the soil” (850 …

EJOLT Report 4: Legal avenues for EJOs to claim environmental liability

Posted by Nick on

From oil drilling disasters at the equator to climate change effects on the North Pole and from uranium mining in the desert to the dumping of toxic waste on the …

Socio-ecological transitions and ecological justice

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez-Alier. Twenty years after Rio, the victories of Sustainable Development and, now, the Green Economy, are more noticeable in the field of rhetoric than in reality. The indicators as …

Inclusive green growth or extractive greenwashed decay

Posted by Nick on

By Patrick Bond. The debate over the Green Economy rages on next month in Rio de Janeiro, at the International Society for Ecological Economics meetings, the Cupulo dos Povos alternative people’s summit, and the UN’s …

Greeks don’t want gold. A normal life will just do.

Posted by Nick on

By Nick Meynen and Katarina Annaniou Real wages declined with 25%. Youth unemployment is above 50%. The number of people applying for food aid is fast rising. Malnutrition among children is …

The story of REDD: a real solution to deforestation?

Posted by Nick on

In December 2008, while following the climate negotiations in Poznan, I had raised a REDD alarm in a short article on how a new financial scheme to ‘protect’ forests was …

EJOLT is making a difference: positive ruling by Supreme Court of India on shipbreaking

Posted by Nick on

Good news from India: the Supreme Court is putting the movement of the US owned hazardous end-of-life vessel named ‘Oriental Nicety’ under its watch. This follows a demand made by …

Follow-up on EJOLT REPORT 1 – shipbreaking

Posted by Nick on

While 4 ejolt reports are in the pipeline for publication in the coming two months, our work does not end with the publication of a report. We gave 15 copies …

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