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Chico Mendez - killed for defending the environment (Photo credit: Luiz Fernando / Sonia Maria)

Killed while fighting for environmental justice

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By Joan Martinez-Alier One of EJOLT’s main tasks is to collect and map a large inventory (not less than 2000 cases) of environmental conflicts. Some will be success stories of forests …

Rio+20: a failure to face our challenges and injustices

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This morning, all the nine major groups within the UN system had a hard time to find anything positive coming out of Rio+20. Kiara Worth, the representative of the youth …


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Statement from ANPED on the state of negotiations and the total lack of environmental justice! We – the civil society organizations and social and justice movements who have responded to the …

No Green Economy without Environmental Justice!

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Twenty years after the Rio UNCED conference, our world is still deteriorating. The costs of inaction are accumulating: social, environmental and – least of all – economic cost. Those who …

EJOLT REPORT 3: An overview of industrial tree plantations in the global South. Conflicts, trends and resistance struggles

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As we write from the Rio+20 conference center, we see environmentalists and policymakers from all over the world gathering for the most important environmental conference in this decennium. They will …

EJOLT contributor Marc Ona arrested!

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By Khadija Sharife. When does a man – bound to a wheelchair – become an Enemy of the State? When Marc Ona arrived at the recent three day *New York …

Dispatch from Canada: Dutch disease, Greek Disease or Oil Sands Fever in the Pipeline? Plus Chevron-Texaco case lands in Canada!

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By Leah Temper. Spatulas against Woks, wooden spoons against colanders, pots meeting pans – this is the sound of discontent in Canada these past few weeks. The student mobilizations in Quebec …

Mining through military rule in Peru

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By Leah Temper & Joan Martinez Alier Several districts in Peru have been put under military rule through a state of emergency after protests from local inhabitants were met with violent …

Nature Kenya Campaign Saves Dakatcha Woodlands and Puts Jatropha in the dock

Posted by Nick on

By Leah Temper A campaign by EJOLT Partner Nature Kenya and other EJOs has saved the Dakatcha Woodland Important Bird Area (IBA) from destruction from biofuel crops after Kenya’s National Environmental …

EJOLT Report 5: Issues in the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity

Posted by Nick on

The Nagoya Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Biodiversity in October 2010 had the economics of biodiversity as one of its core topics. Some weeks before the meeting, …