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New Article: “Green and climate colonialities: Evidence from Arctic extractivisms”

Authors: Ksenija Hanaček (University of Helsinki & Autonomous University of Barcelona), Markus Kroger (University of Helsinki), Joan Martinez-Alier (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). Abstract This article examines 16 environmental conflicts across the Arctic that demonstrate resistance to both climate …

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New: “From Fukushima to fossil fuels: Carbon emissions, climate narratives, and grassroots movements in Japan’s energy transition”

By May Aye Thiri, Mihály Tamás Borsi Abstract The Fukushima Nuclear Accident triggered an energy predicament in Japan, necessitating initiatives to decarbonise and denuclearise its energy landscape. This shift has intensified reliance on fossil fuels, …

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Read Now: “Black gold and green BRI–A grounded analysis of Chinese investment in coal-fired power plants in Indonesia”

By Bowen Gu Highlights First countrywide analysis of socio-environmental conflicts over coal-fired power plants with Chinese investment. Demonstrates how the politics from below shapes BRI energy infrastructure investment in practice. Analyzes the uneven development of CFPPs in …

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New Article: “The political ecology of oil and gas corporations: TotalEnergies and post-colonial exploitation to concentrate energy in industrial economies”

By Marcel Llavero-Pasquina, Grettel Navas, Roberto Cantoni, Joan Martínez-Alier Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambiental, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain Facultad de Gobierno, Universidad de Chile, Chile Highlights TotalEnergies function is to extract and concentrate energy in industrial cores. Oil and gas …

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The political ecology of oil and gas corporations: the case of TotalEnergies

Browse the conflicts in the EJAtlas linked to the French oil major TotalEnergies analyzed in the research article entitled: “The political ecology of oil and gas companies: TotalEnergies and post-colonial …

Conflict and conservation: On the role of protected areas for environmental justice

Research based on the Environmental Justice Atlas – Available at Global Environmental Change journal – ScienceDirect Authors: Antonio Bontempi, Pietro Venturi, Daniela Del Bene, Arnim Scheidel, Quim Zaldo-Aubanell, Roser Maneja Zaragoza Abstract When are protected areas drivers of environmental injustices and conflict, and …

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