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A call to action for Environmental and Climate justice

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

“After the success achieved with convincing Italians to vote against water privatization, Italian civil society is now calling to action for a broader set of goals on Environmental and Climate …

Unpacking the hot air industry

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

The first priority for developing countries when it comes to climate change mitigation should be reducing poverty, but the market-based approach of carbon trading is doing little to alleviate imbalances …

EJOLT field trip to Bulgaria mine

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

From 6 to 11 June, EJOLT partner Za Zemiata guided the ‘EJOLT-nuclear-team’ through the dirt left behind by the nuclear industry in Bulgaria. Literally. We visited an old uranium mine site where …