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Gold-mining conflict in Bulgaria under international scrunity

Read here how EJOLT brought a well-known international expert in the field of gold-mining to shed his light on a local environmental conflict in Bulgaria.

The small Bulgarian town of Krumovgrad situated within the Eastern Rodopes Mountain, has recently been a centre of a substantial ecological and economic debates. The Canadian company Dundee Precious are planning the extraction of a gold mine with an annual capacity of between 800 000 and 1 000 000 tons of ore. The project has met the resistance of local activists, citizens, and municipality, who stress the considerable livelihood and environmental damage from the project. Thanks to the EJOLT project, Robert Moran, a well-known international expert in the field of gold-mining, was invited by the Bulgarian anti-gold-mining activists to join the campaign and attended the recent public hearing on the environmental impact assessment of the Krumovgrad project. His statement and overall technical assessment of the project can be found here.

We’ll keep you posted when there are new developments in this conflict.