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EJOLT screens ‘Yasuni, Buen Vivir’ in Madrid

On April 17 at 7 pm, EJOLT will present the film Yasuni, Buen Vivir, by Arturo Hortas at the Casa America in Madrid. The film will be followed by a discussion with the filmmaker and with EJOLT project manager Leah Temper.

This film shows through different lenses the origins and development of the idea of “leaving oil in the soil” (850 million barrels) in one part of the Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. It argues that in this way biodiversity would be preserved, indigenous peoples would be protected, and carbon dioxide emissions would be avoided.  Esperanza Martinez of Accion Ecologica and Alberto Acosta, the former minister of Energy who launched the proposal in 2007, are interviewed. President Rafael Correa presents the plan with vigour at a United Nations speech. Local inhabitants in the heart of the Yasuni National Park are interviewed, next to oil spills. Humberto Cholango, the head of CONAIE, show his support for the proposal and his scepticism about Correa’s motives. The film also shows how Sumak Kawsay, ¨Buen Vivir”, or the concept of The Good Life as well as the rights of Mother Nature, have been formalized in Ecaudor´s constitution.

From the jungle where the Waorani reside to the offices of activists and ministers, from Ecuador to New York and Europe, the film elicits many voices that explain and appraise this sensational proposal, undreamed of a few years ago: LEAVE THE OIL IN THE SOIL!

Please stay tuned for an upcoming report on movements that aim to replicate the Yasuni plan and leave oil and other fossil fuels in the soil, as well as the full video that will be available online in the near future. You can see the trailer here:


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