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World Summit on sustainable Forest (-destruction)

March 5th-6th 2013 will see a variety of actors in the forest-destruction community gather in Stockholm (Sweden). The Economist invites them to discuss strategies for covering up continued deforestation through a further extension of free market capitalism in the world of unreplaceable natural capital. Policymakers, industry leaders, so-called scientists (and a few tamed activists that are needed to legitimize the process) will “identify common ground and discuss mechanisms for forest stakeholders to work together differently.”

We highly recommend attending or at least following this World Forgery Summit on sustainable forestdestruction. The agenda looks promising. Here are some of the key questions on the table:

*Can we find a way to rebrand monoculture plantations as being sustainable?

*Is there a way to make the bankrupt carbon trading system look like a part of the solution to the climate crisis?

*To which forests can we apply this emerging sister of the Cash Development Mechanism (also known as the Clean Development Mechanism)?

*How can we make a list of  deforestation drivers without mentioning capitalism and over-consumption in rich countries?

*How do we make our so-called activist friends look like hero’s for the environment (and thus neglect all real activists)?

Giant corporate sponsors such as SCA will provide fancy brochures on glossy paper and there will be free handouts for all attendants.

Before you join this promising conference of the forest-destruction community: please do read our EJOLT report on tree plantations or go directly to our policy recommendations. Then consider on which side you want to be. For the greenwash circus: subscribe here. For researchers and activists working on an in-depth diagnosis of the problem and long-term solutions: subscribe here.