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The End of the Age of Coal

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

On June 29 the world will celebrate the end of the “Age of Coal”. A global day of action will coincide with’s Global Power Shift Conference in Istanbul. Greenpeace …

Human appropriation of biomass energy doubled in the 20th century

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

By Nick Meynen. How do we measure the scale of human activities compared to natural processes? As we evolved from a world almost empty of humans to a full world, that …

The contradictions in the mining firm Antofagasta

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

London is the world’s biggest centre for investment in the minerals industry. Investment banks, pension funds, hedge funds and insurance companies use London stock exchanges to invest in dubious mining …

Fracking: activists occupy Chevron in Poland

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

Peasants from local communities are occupying a piece of land to prevent the installation of Chevron for the exploration and exploitation of shale gas in the region of Zurawlow, Poland. The Polish shale-gas reserves used to be the most …

A Canadian company, the police in Greece and democracy in the country that invented it

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

Unprovoked chemical attacks on civilians, 3AM raids on houses and violent police attacks on peacefully demonstrating women. You’re excused for thinking this is Syria or even Peru or Turkey, but …

Turkey’s Tree Revolution – part 2: Everyday I’m chapulling*

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

*Turkish word now meaning “fighting for your rights” (see wiki).  The lack of consultation, the aggressive police intervention and the conversion of public space into private space explain why the occupation …

Turkey’s ‘tree revolution’ – part 1

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

Environmentalists have been protesting for months against a plan to swap trees for a shopping mall in Gezi Park at Istanbul’s Taksim Square. When riot police chased them away, the …

Unburnable fuels and the myth of shale-gas in Europe

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

By Nick Meynen. The scene in the film Gasland, where landowner Mike Markham ignites gas mixed with water from a running water tap in his home mobilized more people than …

Tree plantations: conflicts, trends and resistance. Updated report in Bahasa

Posted by Daniela Marques Branco on

The work done in EJOLT is recognised by environmental justice organisations in many corners of the world. Recently, the largest Indonesian environmental organisation – WALHI or Friends of the Earth …