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Pablo Fajardo joins EJOLT in Rome Legal workshop on the Chevron Texaco case

Yesterday 13th November  2013, as Pablo Fajardo the Ecuadorian lawyer representing the victims of Chevron- Texaco was boarding the plane in Quito to come to the EJOLT meeting in Rome, the Supreme Court of Ecuador released its 222 page decision largely ratifying the two previous decisions of February 2011 and January 2012 by lower courts in Sucumbios, in the Amazon region of Ecuador.

The Supreme Court of Ecuador condemns Chevron to pay compensatory damages for over USD 9 billion. The Frente de Defensa de la Amazonia has been successful once again. But Chevron still refuses to pay.

The Supreme Court did not include this time the additional sum of about 9 billion as punitive damages that the lower courts had determined in case Chevron did not apologize publicly to the victims.

Pablo Fajardo considers the Supreme Court’s decision a triumph. Tomorrow Friday 15th November Pablo Fajardo is due to speak in the municipality of Rome at Sala Gonzaga in Via de la Consolazione 4, Rome at 15 h. on the Chevron Texaco case together with members of the EJOLT project.