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Map of most influential environmental justice conflicts in the US

Posted by Nick on

The 40 most influential environmental justice conflicts in recent American history are now included in our Global Atlas of Environmental Justice. The U.S. cases were compiled by the University of …

Welcome to the worst tourism project in the world

Posted by Nick on

“Dear visitor, you are now entering an environmental disaster zone, formerly known as Kazakhstan’s most wonderful Ile-Alatau National Park.” Will that soon be the message NGOs have to paint on …

A call for solidary with Marco Suástegui

Posted by Nick on

A call for solidarity has arrived from the state of Guerrero, in the South-West of Mexico. One of the leaders of the farmers’ movement Consejo de Ejidos y Comunidades Opositores …

The war against environmentalism

Posted by Nick on

By Joan Martinez Alier. The Hindutva nationalist right-wing prime minister Modi in India is rallying against Environmental Justice Organisations (EJOs) financed by foreign money. High on his list are EJOs from …

Decoupling 2: A new report by the International Resource Panel

Posted by Nick on

By Jakob Villioth. Last week the Decoupling Working Group of the International Resource Panel (IRP) has presented its second report on “Decoupling technologies, opportunities and policy options (2014)”. The IRP is …

Chilean Patagonia saved from Hidroaysén-madness

Posted by Nick on

By Daniela Del Bene. After 8 years of campaigning under the slogan Patagonia Sin Represas, the Bachelet government in Chile rejected yesterday the Hidroaysén project. The Committee of Ministers, the highest administrative …

Workers and environmentalists of the world, unite!

Posted by Nick on

By Stefania Barca. Stefania Barca is a Senior Researcher at the 
Center for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra. She’s of Italian origin and a well-known historian of water appropriation …

The journey to a new global climate agreement begins now, but which road will the EU take?

Posted by Nick on

By Maruska Mileta and Jamie Gorman. Today at the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany, civil society and social movements are calling on the developed countries including the EU to commit …

Will Brazil turn the country into a factory of genetically modified trees?

Posted by Nick on

By the World Rainforest Movement. Will the Brazilian government give a permit to plant genetically modified eucalyptus trees on a commercial scale? That’s the breakthrough expected by Suzano, one of the …

Small farmers feed the world, but they’re hungry for land – a new GRAIN report

Posted by Leah on

It is commonly heard today that small farmers produce most of the world’s food. But how many of us realise that they are doing this with less than a quarter …