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Yanacocha Mining Company in Conga Cajamarca (Peru)


This is an ongoing conflict, although there is some evidence that the project has been suspended since August 2012. The project is situated in northern Peru, in the Cajamarca and Celendin provinces (Sorochuco and Huasmin districts) Cajamarca, 48 km north of the provincial capital Cajamarca City. An extension of the Yanacocha mining project, it the second largest gold mine in the world in terms of its production volume and field size, and exports five times more than all the gold mines in Peru combined.

The Conga mine is situated between 3,400 and 4,120 metres (11,154 and 13,517 feet) above sea level in the Andes, 24 kilometres (14 miles) northeast of the Yanacocha gold mine. Both Conga and Yanacocha are a joint project by Newmont and Buenaventura, with International Finance Corporation/World Bank involvement.

Click here for the factsheet (4 pages): FS_006_Conga

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