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Presentations from the EnvJustice team in Mexico, Malmö, China and Brussels

In the space of only 5 weeks time, the EnvJustice / EjAtlas team has been presenting findings and debating in panels dozens of times, on 3 continents. Here we try to pull their efforts together in a short overview, providing links to the conferences, presentations and tweets.




19-27 August 2018: Summer course, Critical Social Studies: Current Issues in Sustainability Science (Juan Liu, Arnim Scheidel and Grettel Navas) – Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China.




21-25 August 2018: The 6th International Degrowth Conference for ecological sustainability and social equity– Malmö, Sweden

21 Aug.

·Camila Rolando: Building the Feminisms and Degrowth Alliance (FaDa). Call for activists and scholars.

22 Aug.

·Giorgos Kallis: Book presentation: ‘Degrowth’. (Friendly) critics of Alf Hornborg & Lynne Segal.

·Camila Rolando & Federico Demaria: Feminisms and Degrowth 2

23 Aug.

·Giorgos Kallis (chair): Plenary session: ‘Dialogues between critical social theories, science and Degrowth’

24 Aug.

·Giorgos Kallis: Panel, Transformation 2: Reducing energy use, a reliable strategy for staying within the carbon budget

6 September  2018 Arnim Scheidel: Seminar, Missing the forest for the trees? The role of forest carbon assessments in climate change policy- Northwest A&F University, Yangling, China.





September 2018 Grettel Navas: Introduction of PhD research and the banana sector in Central America-The Biotechnology Research Institute of Guangxi Academy of Agriculture Sciences, Guangxi, China





3-7 September 2018: First North-South Conference on Degrowth– Mexico City.

04 Sept.

·Federico Demaria: Plenary, Pluriverse: how do we articulate different alternatives to development?

05 Sept.

·Sofia Ávila Calero (coordinator): Special session, Vivir Bien: Antítesis del Desarrollo.

·Sofia Ávila Calero (coordinator): Alternativas al Desarrollo: diálogos desde el descrecimiento, hacia el Pluriverso’ & Federico Demaria: Book presentations: ‘Decrecimiento: vocabulario para una nueva era’ and ‘Pluriverso: un diccionario del postdesarrollo. Tweet

06 Sept.

·Joan Martínez Alier: Plenary, La economia industrial no es circular sino entrópica.


·Federico Demaria (coordinator): Special session, Degrowth and Environmental Justice & Irmak Ertör: Blue Degrowth and Environmental Justice on the Oceans.

·Federico Demaria: Time for a Global Alternatives Confluence- The need for GAC in the current conditions of the world.

·Sofia Ávila Calero: With or without limits? Unpacking the Energy Transition Strategy in Mexico.

·Brototi Roy: Special session, Degrowth in India: Neccesities, Actions, Initiatives. Tweet

·Brototi Roy: Challenges for a Degrowth narrative in India.

10-12 September 2018: 15th Congress International for Ecological Economics – Puebla, Mexico. Tweet Tweet

10 Sept.

·Sofía Ávila & Joan Martínez-Alier (moderators); Daniela Del Bene, Federico Demaria, Brototi Roy, Irmak Ertor (participants); Daniela Del Bene & Joan Martínez-Alier (co-authors): Thematic session, Geographies of Environmental Folio (In)Justice.

·Federico Demaria & Joan Martínez-Alier (moderators): Thematic session, Degrowth and Environmental Folio Justice.

11 Sept.

·Sofía Ávila Calero (moderator); Federico Demaria & Joan Martínez Alier: Book presentations ‘Descrecimiento. Vocabulario para una nueva era’ & ‘Pluriverso: un diccionario del post-desarrollo’

·Joan Martínez-Alier: Mexico city’s urban sprawl: related environmental conflicts affecting peasants and their ejidos.

·Sara Mingorria: Emancipatory vocabularies and slogans: the expressions of the environmental justice movements from below.

12 Sept.

·Federico Demaria& Joan Martínez-Alier (moderators); Irmak Ertor (participant): Thematic Sessions, Degrowth and Environmental Folio Justice.

18-19 September: Post-Growth 2018 Conference – Brussels, Belgium

Federico Demaria was a co-organizer. Giorgos Kallis was keynote speaker in the closing session. Find his full presentation here. Tweet + Petition

18 September 2018 Joan Martínez Alier: La enseñanza de las ciencias socio-ambientales– Universidad de Zacatecas, Mexico Tweet











19 September 2018: S. Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

  • Daniela Del Bene, Irmak Ertör, Brototi Roy: Conservatorio, La Trampa de las Minirepresas- Otros Mundos Tweet
  • Sara Mingorría: Análisis de conflictos socio-ambientales Tweet
  • Sara Mingorría: Seminar, Existe un movimiento de justicia Ambiental? Mapa de (in) justicias ambientales Ejatlas- CIMSUR-UNAM & Universidad de Chapingo
  • Sara Mingorría: Seminar, PhD thesis, Los nadies tejiendo resistencias: los conflictos de palma de aceite y caña de azúcar en el territorio, las comunidades y los hogares Q’eqchi’ Del Valle del Polochic, Guatemala- CIMSUR-UNAM and Universidad de Chapingo

20 September 2018 Joan Martínez Alier: Conflictos ambientals y movimientos por la justicia ambiental – ITESO, Guadalajara, Mexico Tweet

21 September 2018 Joan Martínez Alier: La enseñanza de las ciencias socio-ambientales- Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico









22 September 2018 Sara Míngorria: Presentation of the journal of Ecología Política on Ecofeminism and Feminist Political Ecologies-Colectivo Miradas Críticas del Territorio desde el Feminismo and Organización Agua y Vida, La Reci, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

23 September 2018 Sara Mingorría: El análisis de los conflictos socioambientales desde las perspectivas ecofeministas y de ecologías políticas feministas – Universidad de Moxviquil, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.


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