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Seven main collective articles from the EJAtlas & EnvJustice project

Posted by Diego Marin on

1) Mapping the frontiers and front lines of global environmental justice: the EJAtlas, by L Temper, D Del Bene, J Martinez-Alier. 2015. Journal of Political Ecology 22 (1), 255-278. Is …

Movements shaping climate futures: A systematic mapping of protests against fossil fuel and low-carbon energy projects

Posted by Diego Marin on

By Leah Temper, Sofia Avila, Daniela Del Bene, Jennifer Gobby, Nicolas Kosoy, Philippe Le Billon, Joan Martinez-Alier, Patricia Perkins, Brototi Roy, Arnim Scheidel and Mariana WalterAbstractIn this article we undertake a systematic mapping …