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Seven main collective articles from the EJAtlas & EnvJustice project

1) Mapping the frontiers and front lines of global environmental justice: the EJAtlas, by L Temper, D Del Bene, J Martinez-Alier. 2015. Journal of Political Ecology 22 (1), 255-278.

2) Is There a Global Movement for Environmental Justice, by J Martinez-Alier, L Temper, D Del Bene, A Scheidel. 2016. Journal of Peasant Studies. 43 (3), 731-755

3) Ecological distribution conflicts as forces for sustainability: an overview and conceptual framework, by A Scheidel, L Temper, F Demaria, J Martínez-Alier. 2018. Sustainability Science 13 (3), 585-598.

4) The Global Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas): ecological distribution conflicts as forces for sustainability, by L Temper, F Demaria, A Scheidel, D Del Bene, J Martinez-Alier. 2018. Sustainability Science 13 (3), 573-584.

5)  Learning and Teaching Through the Online Environmental Justice Atlas: From Empowering Activists to Motivating Students, by Mariana Walter, Lena Weber, Leah Temper.2020.

6) Environmental conflicts and defenders: A global overview, by A. Scheidel, D. Del Bene, Juan Liu, G. Navas, S. Mingorría, F. Demaria, S. Avila, Brototi Roy, I. Ertör, L. Temper, J.Martínez-Alier 2020. Global Environmental Change, 63. 102104.

7) Movements shaping climate futures: A systematic mapping of protests against fossil fuel and low-carbon energy projects, by L. Temper, S. Avila, D. Del Bene, J. Gobby, N. Kosoy, P. Le Billon, J. Martinez-Alier, P. Perkins, Brototi Roy, A. Scheidel, Mariana Walter. 2020. Environmental Research Letters, 15 (2). 123004.

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