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New research: Global impacts of extractive and industrial development projects on Indigenous Peoples’ lifeways, lands, and rights

Authors: Arnim ScheidelÁlvaro Fernández-LlamazaresAnju Helen BaraDaniela Del BeneDominique M David-ChavezEleonora FanariIbrahim GarbaKsenija HanačekJuan LiuJoan Martínez-AlierGrettel NavasVictoria Reyes-GarcíaBrototi RoyLeah TemperMay Aye ThiriDalena TranMariana WalterKyle Powys Whyte.

7 Jun 2023

Available at Science Advance:


To what extent do extractive and industrial development pressures affect Indigenous Peoples’ lifeways, lands, and rights globally? We analyze 3081 environmental conflicts over development projects to quantify Indigenous Peoples’ exposure to 11 reported social-environmental impacts jeopardizing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Peoples are affected in at least 34% of all documented environmental conflicts worldwide. More than three-fourths of these conflicts are caused by mining, fossil fuels, dam projects, and the agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and livestock (AFFL) sector. Landscape loss (56% of cases), livelihood loss (52%), and land dispossession (50%) are reported to occur globally most often and are significantly more frequent in the AFFL sector. The resulting burdens jeopardize Indigenous rights and impede the realization of global environmental justice.

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