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Giuseppe De Marzo: “Anatomy of a revolution” 2

In this second podcast on his book “anatomy of a revolution”, Guiseppe explains the difference between the kind of democracy we now have and a deliberative democracy, “a process of bottom-up participation and a process in which we learn to recognize that we depend of each other and the environment”. He goes on to explain why he puts his hope in environmental justice movements.

Giuseppe De Marzo works for EJOLT partner CDCA, where he is the scientific director. He is a founding member of the CDCA and in the last 15 years he accumulated a huge work experience with social movements in Italy and Latin America. He writes in numbers of Italian national newspapers and in 2009 he published a book in Italy and Latin America : Buen Vivir: Per una nuova democrazia della Terra (Ediesse, Roma, 2009) with a preface by Nobel Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel. This podcast is about his new book: “Anatomy of a revolution”

This podcast is part of a series produced by Firoze Manji for EJOLT, in collaboration with EJOLT partner CCS. All podcasts will be aired on his program AfrobeatRadio, broadcast by WBAI in the US to around 500.000 listeners

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