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Our Unique Training Opportunities

We offer 3 kinds of training:1. Master in political ecology;This is the first Master of its kind, and one of the first in the world in the flourishing field of …

The Environmental Justice MOOC from the University of East Anglia: Take full advantage of this unique opportunity

This free 5-week online course is open to everyone around the world and usually starts in October. Understand how climate change, biodiversity loss and deforestation affect people, exploring justice in …

Teaching about the EJAtlas in China

See how members from our team (Arnim Scheidel,¬†Grettel Navas and¬†Juan Liu) taught an 8-week course in China about Political Ecology¬†¬†Vea c√≥mo los miembros de nuestro equipo (Arnim Scheidel, Grettel Navas …

Teaching advice from Washington University in St. Louis

Are you a student who is confused about how to begin your study of an environmental conflict? Follow the advice of Fellow Fiona Eckert, and use the Environmental Justice Atlas. 

Presentation about EJOLT work

This presentation is an introduction to some of the EJOLT work

Presentation about EJOLT partners

This presentation is an introduction to some of the EJOLT partners