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Thanks to Jasia Warren and Mapping for Change for making this website, to Greenhost for hosting it on a sustainable server and to the European Commission for providing the necessary funding. Photocredits for pictures taken from (under creative commons license): Eric E Johnson, Brian A. Ridder, Gretchen Mahan, rickz, The Global Crop Diversity Trust, Michael Foley, SEDACMaps, Lightmash, Amadeus Hellequin, Vattenfall, mrpbps, Yogendra174, Koshyk, madlemurs, newmy51, Gord McKenna. Other photocredits go to Nick Meynen, Beatriz Rodriguez Labajos, Michiel Wijnbergh, Caramel City Dispatch and Mapping for Change. Credits for the upside down maps go to Credits for the cartoon on ‘Durban to Rio: from one smokescreen to the next’ go to © Chappatte –