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Here are some interesting links for each of the topics we work on:

Nuclear Energy

    Commission for Independent Research and Information about RADiation
  • Greenpeace – the nuclear section
    Greenpeace has a long history of studywork and campaigns against nuclear energy
    International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
  • Nucleare Heritage Network
    Connecting anti-nuclear activists worldwide, providing information regarding nuclear issues and anti-nuclear activities in many countries and developping projects and campaigns.
  • SRIC
    Southwest Research and Information Center – Uranium Impact Assessment
  • Wise Uranium
    Covers the health and environmental impacts of uranium mining and nuclear fuel production:

Oil and Gas and Carbon Justice

Biomass and Land Conflicts

  • African Environmental Justice films
    A catalogue of online films on social and environmental justice issues in Africa
  • All the news on grabbing of farmland
    Governments and corporations are buying up farmland in other countries to grow their own food or simply to make money
  • Oakland Institute – Land Rights
    The purchase and lease of vast tracts of land from poor, developing countries by wealthier nations and international private investors has led to debate about whether land investment is a tool for development or force of displacement.

Mining and Ship Breaking

  • Mines and Communities
    Network of indigenous and solidarity NGOs, representing many thousands of people directly affected by the mining industry.
  • Mines, Minerals and People
    Communities COmmand over Natural Resources – Indian network
  • Mining Justice Alliance
    Holding Vancouver-based mining companies accountable through grassroots organizing
  • MiningWatch Canada
    Changing public policy and mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems
  • OCMAL (Spanish)
    El Observatorio de Conflictos Mineros de América Latina (OCMAL) es una articulación de +40 organizaciones con el objetivo de defender las comunidades afectadas por la minería. Haga click en imagen para ver quienes somos
  • Shipbreaking Platform
    An NGO specialised in the issue of shipbreaking – based in Brussels

Environmental Health & Risk Assessment

Liabilities and Valuation

  • EU Environmental Liability Directive
    This Directive establishes a common framework for liability with a view to preventing and remedying damage to animals, plants, natural habitats and water resources, and damage affecting the land

Law and Institutions

  • Climate Law Database
    Climate Law Database provides you with information about climate change legislation, both existing and proposed, and gives you access to a wide range of related materials.
  • Enforcing climate justice by law
    Enforcing climate change law by a group of lawyers working all over the world
  • The case of Chevron in Ecuador
    Today, Chevron is a corporate criminal on the run. It has been found guilty by Ecuadorian courts and ordered to pay $19 billion. Here you’ll find all update on the hunt for this corporate criminal
  • The case of Shell in Nigeria
    EJOLT partner BHR tracks events on all law and compensation cases of Shell in Nigeria

Consumption, Ecologically Unequal Exchange and Ecological Debt


Environmental Racism