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Multicriteria evaluation for enhanced Environmental Justice

Decision processes exclusively focussing on monetary aspects face increasing criticism andresistance. The public feels that in this way, important impacts and values are neglected.

Values like  land rights,  human life, aesthetics,  cultural significance, sacredness,  biodiversity, etc.  cannot be adequately assessed and quantified in monetary terms. Therefore, their consideration in traditional cost/benefit analyses (CBAs), commonly employed to justify the development of new projects, is controversial. Fortunately, there is an entire orchestra of multicriteria instruments that can be used in support of social deliberation and social decision-making.

Our solutions include:

*Instead of relying on CBAs, use MCEs for decision-making wherever possible.

*Make sure that MCEs include substantial participation and deliberation all along the process.

*Promote the inclusion of MCEs in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Social Impact Assessments (SIA), before the launching of a development project.

Read more in the 2 page EJOLT policy briefing on Multi criteria evaluation for enhanced environmental justice

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