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Industrial waste conflicts around the world. Case studies from India and Bulgaria: shipbreaking and incineration.

EJOLT¬† – a project on environmental justice with 23 universities and activist groups from 20 countries – is proud to announce the first in a series of in-depth reports made …

Industrial waste conflicts around the world

EJOLT Report 1:¬†Industrial waste conflicts around the world.¬†Case studies from India and Bulgaria:¬†shipbreaking and incineration. How struggles for environmental justice contribute to the environmental sustainability of the economy EJOLT Report 1 (Low …

An EJOLT poster on Industrial Tree Plantation Conflicts

This poster was used in the PERL conference ‘Beyond Consumption. Pathways to responsible living’ (19-20 March 2012, Berlin). Click for more detail.

Watch a GAIA-EJOLT video on Waste Wars in Delhi

Delhi Waste Wars is a short¬†video¬†documentary directed by Leah Temper and edited by Siobhan McKeown. A battle is brewing in Delhi, India over access and control to garbage. For decades, informal …

Watch an ASO-EJOLT Video on landgrabbing in Gambela

Grabbing Gambela is a short video documentary about a massive takeover of agricultural lands in the Gambela Region of Ethiopia. Since 2008, the Ethiopian government has signed deals with investors …

Irrawaddy dam

This is a provisional success story in 2011 in stopping a very large dam already under construction and scheduled for completion in 2019 in the upper reaches of the Irrawaddy …

VIDEOs made by partners in EJOLT

Our 23 EJOLT partners produce a variety of video’s. We collect them in our vimeo account. Here are a few of them: This is a 12 minute video on unequal paper …

Presentation about EJOLT work

This presentation is an introduction to some of the EJOLT work

Presentation about EJOLT partners

This presentation is an introduction to some of the EJOLT partners