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EJOLT’s 2012 review & 2013 preview

a fraction of the EJOLT team (Bulgaria)

First the facts: six reports, three videos, three briefings, thirteen podcasts and a 568p handbook. 2012 has been a productive year, but EJOLT is much more than a large EU project producing resources. We’re creating an international community of people that already work towards implementing environmental justice. We connect struggles and inspire those who are faced with injustice. EJOLT not just makes tools, it explains how to use them and goes to great lengths to give them to those who need them.

In 2012, the EJOLT team and wider network of friends also produced an average of 10 articles a month on People interacted in quickly blossoming social media or participated in a multitude of debates and other public events. Media have written about the project and people from various corners are starting to contact us.

In 2013, our community needs to grow. We’re pretty sure that with your help, it will. The online course will bring a new dynamic to the project. Students will use the handbook Ecological Economics from the Ground Up, which you can order now. We’ll publish the first EJOLT maps of environmental justice and they’ll be very interactive. There will be plenty of opportunities for people to join our cause, interact with the EJOLT team and spread the fight for environmental justice.

But we need your help to spread the word. Millions are fighting some fight for justice without being aware of the tools we have to help them. We’re pretty sure that thousands of leading activists can use them. We have everything from a legal handbook for civil society working on environmental justice to policy recommendations for forest activists, or radio-talks explaining the myths of the green economy.

Our topics range from exposing the dangers of the nuclear industry over oil and gas conflicts to the conflicts surrounding ship-breaking. And we look at conflicts at all stages: from extraction to waste. Just browse and find what you and your friends, colleagues or fellow-activists in your network can use in your or their local struggle for environmental justice. And if you need help: just ask!

To follow us you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter, to the RSS feed, through facebook or on twitter. As you like. Just do remember that much more important than following us, is paving the way towards justice. We’re just happy to help you out.

The EJOLT team

Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade is an FP7 project supported by the European Commission that will run from 2011-2015. The project supports the work of Environmental Justice Organisations, uniting scientists, activist organisations, think-tanks, policy-makers from the fields of environmental law, environmental health, political ecology, ecological economics, to talk about issues related to Ecological Distribution. Central concepts are Ecological Debts (or Environmental Liabilities) and Ecologically Unequal Exchange. We focus on the use of these concepts in science, environmental activism and policy-making.

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