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Opportunities for European policy makers towards Environmental Justice

REGISTRATION is now OPEN for the final events of the EJOLT project on 2 and 3 March: a PUBLIC HEARING in the European Parliament, a CONFERENCE in the European Economic and Social Committee and an environmental justice FILM event in between the two. Register here:

2 March 2015 (12:30-15:30)
European Parliament (EP)
Rue Wiertz 60, 1047 Brussels

MEPs and environmental justice policy experts will share their views on how the EU can do more to address the drivers of environmental injustice in the EU and beyond. How do we get closer to corporate accountability and access to justice in environmental matters? How do we move from resource efficiency to resource sufficiency? How can the EU stop outsourcing its environmental problems?

2 March 2015 (19:00-22:00)
FILM: “Walls and the Tiger”
Argus, KBC Auditorium, Rue du port 2, 1080 Brussels

When a traditional rural community in Southeast India is shattered by so-called “development”, pushing farmers to suicide, all hope seems lost. But determined to save their lives, one community fights back against powerful global forces that threaten to destroy their families and environment alike. Their struggle is the subject of a new documentary: Walls & The Tiger

Launch of the film in the presence of the Director (Sushma Kallam). A seperate registration for this film will soon open here:

3 March 2015 (9:00-17:00)
FINAL CONFERENCE EJOLT: Building the road to Environmental Justice
European Economic & Social Committee (EESC)
Van Maerlant Building, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels

After 4 years of work by around 100 people in over 30 countries we will hear what the international project on Environmental Justice, Liabilities and Trade has delivered to the world. We’ll zoom in on topics like mining and unburnable fuels – but we will also present cross cutting issues like those on the legal avenues for communities seeking environmental justice and alternative economic tools. A panel with MEPs, prosecutors and policy experts will look at how and where the knowledge from EJOLT can and should be used.

A more detailed program will be announced by 31 January at

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