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New Youtube Channel on Degrowth & Environmental Justice Vocabulary

EnvJustice Youtube Channel

The EnvJustice project launched an Environmental Justice playlist on Youtube, where you can find EnvJustice Project members and pioneers from the global environmental justice movement explaining some terms and concepts of their choice. All short video’s explain terms from the degrowth or environmental justice vocabulary.

The Youtube channel will be our living video message glossary, and it will kick off with the following video messages in the first step: Radical Ecological Democracy by Ashish Kothari, Popular Epidemiology by Grettel Navas, Civilizational Transitions by Arturo Escobar and Boom Crops by Juan Liu.

Many more video messages of influential scholars will be uploaded in the coming weeks and months. You can easily subscribe to the EnvJustice channel, go through the playlist and stay updated about the development of EnvJustice playlist.

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