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The 2023 Holberg Lecture, by Joan Martinez-Alier: ‘Land, Water, Air and Freedom’

2023 Laureate Joan Martinez-Alier ‘s Holberg Lecture, ‘Land, Water, Air and Freedom’, is published in full in the Holberg Prize’s website and Youtube with a full description.

Find it also below:

Land, Water, Air and Freedom – the Making of World Movements for Environmental Justice 

I bring together Ecological Economics, Political Ecology and Environmental Justice relying on the Atlas of Environmental Justice with almost 4,000 entries, a collective effort. As the industrial economy grows, there is growth and changes in the Social Metabolism, i.e., the flows of energy and materials entering the economy as inputs and exiting as waste. The industrial economy is not circular – it is entropic. We are in the Anthropocene but also in the “Entropocene”. Hence, the conflictive search for new materials and energy at the commodity extraction frontiers. The large “circularity gap” also explains the waste disposal conflicts, among them polluted water and excessive production of carbon dioxide. In their turn, such conflicts explain the growth of world movements for environmental justice. When these grassroots movements are successful, they contribute to socio-environmental sustainability. The EJAtlas maps geographies of resistance at the frontiers of commodity extraction and waste disposal in a world countermovement for environmental justice. […]

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