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EJOLT workshop on Ecologically Unequal Exchange and Ecological Debt

The Human Ecology Division from Lund University, Sweden, invites you all to this 2-day workshop on March 27-28, 2014. If you want to participate ‚Äď please let Alf Hornborg know: …

EJOLT unites leading legal experts and Environmental Justice activists in Rome

By Lucie Greyl Marking an important mid-term milestone, the EJOLT project has chosen Italy, an emblematic country for its environmental conflicts known worldwide, as the next location of the annual meeting. …

EJOLT field trip to Bulgaria mine

From 6 to 11 June, EJOLT partner¬†Za Zemiata¬†guided the ‚ÄėEJOLT-nuclear-team‚Äô through the dirt left behind by the nuclear industry in Bulgaria. Literally. We visited an old uranium mine site where …

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